Safe Return to School and Updated COVID Information, 2021-2022

In order to determine our plan for the use of ESSER III funds, the district engaged in timely and meaningful consultation with stakeholders through surveys which allowed for public input, and to determine and prioritize needs. Feedback was solicited from the following stakeholder groups: parents, teachers, para-professionals, other campus-level staff, district level-staff, Special Education staff and professionals, ESL staff, and the Board of Directors.
Survey results indicate the following areas of significant need:
  • Learning Loss
  • Mental Health/Social & Emotional Support
Based on survey results, a draft plan was created for consideration by the Board of Directors for the use of these funds. Public notice of the intent to apply for these funds was conducted through a public meeting of the Varnett Public School Board of Directors, convened on June 4, 2021.
The District has made its plan publicly available on its website and will continue to provide opportunities for public and stakeholder input at least every six months.
School started Monday, August 23. Gov. Greg Abbott has issued an executive order banning mask mandates in public schools. However, the Varnett Public School strongly encourages students, staff and visitors to wear a mask. Masks are available upon request.