Students get a taste of farm life during field trip

The Early Childhood Center with 66 pre-k and kindergarten students went to Blessington Farms on Friday, November 19, 2021, a venue whose motto is "A slice of the country, close to the city!"
For many, this was the first time that both parents and students attended Blessington Farms.  The trip was about an hour one way.
The students enjoyed the sand pile and the slide the most. Students were able to play in a farm- like environment with their friends and enjoyed the weather, the animals and learning while outside.
Field trip
We have been covering movement, specifically things that are round, and teachers were able to point to items in motion.
The trip was a wonderful experience leading up to Thanksgiving weekends. We thank our parents for joining us on the trip!
Mrs. Cheyne Brown
Southwest Early Childhood Director
Photos by Mrs. Brown
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