Varnett celebrates National Nurses Week, May 6-12, 2022

This is the time to celebrate nurses -- or as we call them at Varnett -- Health and Wellness Specialists who work every day to protect our students.
Ms. Karen Allen of the Southwest campus and Ms. Norma Reyna of the East and Northeast campuses played a key role in administering on-demand rapid testing for staff and students during the height of the Covid pandemic.
On a regular basis, they provide expertise and oversight of our crucial school health services and the promotion of health education. They also perform health screenings and coordinate referrals to the home and health care providers. And they do so much more!
So while this may be National Nurses Week, we recognize our dedicated specialists every day.
Please join us in thanking Ms. Allen and Ms. Reyna for their service.
Ms. Allen (top photo) and Ms. Reyna (bottom photo)