Pre-K students fix their own Thanksgiving meals; then show off their talents

Pre-K students received some training on how to be chefs and then conducted special class presentations in celebration of Thanksgiving.

Teachers helped the students prepare their own turkey sandwiches in the pavilion and cafeteria, giving them a taste of what millions of people will do in preparing Thanksgiving dinner this week. And just like the cafeteria workers, the students wore white gloves.

After the food activity, everybody gathered in the cafeteria where each class gave special presentations with a Thanksgiving theme. They were entitled “The Turkey on the Farm,” “Five Little Turkeys,” “Once There Was a Pilgrim,” “What Are You Thankful For?” “Mr. Turkey/ABCDEFG,” “Over the River and Through the Woods,” “Turkey Tango,” “Have You Ever Seen a Turkey,” and “Ten Little Indians.” Many parents turned out to enjoy the fun, with many snapping pictures of their performing children.

Ms. Yolanda Sturgis was the mistress of ceremony and Ms. Melissa Cluff, district director of Pre-K, gave the closing remarks.

We at Varnett wish everybody a safe and Happy Thanksgiving and we’ll see you Monday!