Chaperones match students in Houston Livestock and Rodeo attendance

The same number of students and chaperones - 191 - participated in the Houston Livestock and Rodeo March 2 as they donned turquoise-colored shirts and enjoyed the festivities.

They were all part of the more than 1.2 million people who attended the rodeo, which concluded its three-week run Sunday, March 18, at Houston's Reliant Park.

"The kids learned new things and were fascinated with the whole aspect of livestock," said Melissa Cluff, district director of Pre-K.

The rodeo featured five new rides and a singing competition and next year officials will focus on improving its technology such as lighting, lasers and other presentation features, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Rodeo goers consumed 23,000 cinnamon rolls, 10,000 orders of fried bacon, 9,000 pounds of shrimp, 146,000 barbeque sandwiches and 30,000 tamales, the newspaper said.

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